Teleoperation platform for medical technology

Your diagnostic image acquisition – now possible anywhere and anytime

about roclub

We start in diagnostic imaging – this is just the beginning

Within diagnostic imaging, you can remote control all your MRI and CT with us

roclub (Remote Operations Club) enables MRI/CT scans to be carried out remotely (Remote Scanning) as well as support and training for Radiographers at their workplace (Remote Support).

You can use the solution for your own employees and thus create a hybrid working environment of onsite and remote work and/or book external radiographers (rocStars) via the marketplace to secure patient care via a remote access of your scanners.

We digitise your image acquisition process

With features that contribute to optimising your workflow


  • Calendar for all stakeholders (internal and external radiographers and physicians)
  • Marketplace for booking external radiographers
  • Qualification check of marketplace participants


  • Real-time screen sharing and screen control
  • Video conference
  • Chat
  • Multi-camera option
  • Multi-session option


  • Documentation of remote sessions
  • Quality assessment
  • Integrated invoice and payment function
  • BI evaluations
Participation in roclub

Opportunities to participate – tailored to your needs

You decide which application fields suit you best

Decentralised remote access for your own staff within your healthcare organisation or network

Experienced radiographers support their colleagues at other locations remotely while they carry out routine examinations themselves

Exemplary use cases
  • Ad hoc involvement of radiographer experts to look over the shoulder of colleagues and help out with tips and tricks
  • Short-term bridging of staff shortages

Decentralised remote access for your own staff from outside your healthcare organisation

Experienced radiographer experts support their colleagues at all locations remotely from home

Exemplary use cases
  • Creation of hybrid working models for your talents
  • Optimisation of night shifts
  • Re-entry programme during and after a career break (e.g. parental leave, sabbatical)
  • Increase employee loyalty through training

In-house remote control centre with your own staff to support the entire health organisation network

Experienced radiographer experts support their colleagues remotely from a central remote control centre that is set up in-house

Exemplary use cases
  • Optimisation of work processes and staff capacities (e.g. multiple parallel examinations, specialised talents working remotely for the entire network)
  • Image acquisition service centre for partnered or collaborating healthcare organisations

Booking external radiographers for your healthcare organisation via the roclub marketplace

Experienced external radiographers can be booked via the roclub marketplace to supplement or support your own team – on a single or permanent basis

Exemplary use cases
  • Bridging absences (illness/holiday)
  • Elimination of structural staff shortages in core working hours and/or off-peak hours
  • Offer special examinations for which your own employees are not yet qualified
  • Knowledge building and transfer (e.g. continuous training, application support, onboarding of new employees)
Why roclub

Only the fastest and best care for your patients

We help to solve your image acquisition challenges

Securing patient care

Always ready

in routine operation, at off-peak times and for special exams

Process optimisation
Expertise pooling
Cost savings

Knowledge building and transfer

Training on the job
or from home

Employee satisfaction and retention

Hybrid working

Mix of working on-site and from home

What sets us apart

Multi-vendor connectivity

Scanners from all manufacturers (e.g. Siemens, Philips, GE, Canon) can be connected

Integration of a global marketplace for radiographers

Additional radiographer experts for your health organisation can be easily booked – on a single or permanent basis

Highly secure and quality-tested

Multi-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption and continuous cloud security monitoring

Multi-modality connectivity

MRIs and CTs can be connected – other devices (also beyond radiology) to follow

Plug-and-play installation - no VPN required

Simple connectivity of your scanners in a few minutes to enable remote access regardless of the manufacturer


Comprehensive liability insurance protection for booked external radiographers via the roclub marketplace. Always included, always free.

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How it works

Steps to strengthen your image acquisition

Teleoperation platform for your own and external staff


Create an account and connect your scanners

Create a profile, invite employees and connect scanners


Test technical connection and train employees

We’ll help you get started quickly and show you how to use the roclub app


Ready to go

Remote control of your devices can start

Recruit members for roclub

And secure a voucher

Are you already a member of roclub or thinking of becoming one? You will then receive a voucher to the value of EUR 500 for each new member (health organisation) who becomes active at roclub within six weeks based on your recommendation.

Promotion details

  • Only valid for a recommendation of a new member who is not known to us or has not yet been a member before
  • The six-week period starts the day of your recommendation
  • The voucher is valid for 12 months from receipt
  • The voucher can be used to book external radiographers in the roclub marketplace

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Answers to your questions

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Is it ensured that the internal network of the health organisation cannot be accessed via the teleoperation access of the devices?
Can scanners from different manufacturers of medical devices be connected?
What are the minimum technical requirements that must be met on-site?
What are the minimum technical requirements that the remote expert must meet?
Is the teleoperation of scanners via the roclub solution legally allowed?
Do I need intensive help from our IT department to connect my medical devices to the roclub teleoperation platform?
Does anything have to be adjusted to my processes on-site?
Can doctors also connect to the medical devices via the teleoperation platform?