Live Remote Scanning at RöKo23


Live Remote Scanning at RöKo23
Teleoperation - an absolute hot topic at this year's RöKo! And our customers report on how they are
using it profitably for themselves. Starting with yesterday's opening lecture for Technicians followed
by a LIVE remote scanning session in the afternoon between Wiesbaden and the Kernspinzentrum
Hamburg. More than 700 participants followed how secure and reliable a purely browser-based
access and control of an MRI is - without VPN!
The cloud-based product suite of roclub is multi-vendor and multi-modality capable and the
connection of the medical devices is plug & play in a few minutes - without local servers and without
VPN! Numerous exciting features that support the radiology workflow for remote sessions were

presented. Teleoperation creates more flexibility and possibilities for Technicians and security for
operators to ensure highest quality image acquisition at any place and any time!
A HUGE THANK YOU to all who were involved: Dorina Petersen, Marcel Apel, Anton S. Quinsten, B.Sc.
and the entire roclub team!