Teleoperation meets Teleradiology


Teleoperation meets Teleradiology
Radiology suffers from staff shortages worldwide - both amongst physician as well as amongst
medical-technical experts. In order to ensure business continuity in radiology at any time and any
place, roclub and Radiology Advanced have entered into a strategic cooperation for Germany.
With its teleoperation platform, roclub offers the possibility to perform image acquisition remotely.
The solution can be used purely internally, or external medical-technical specialists can also be
flexibly booked via the roclub marketplace.
Radiology Advanced, one of Germany's leading providers of professional teleradiology services based
in Berlin, on the other hand, can support providers in the reading and reporting process.
Together, we can offer a comprehensive solution to providers in the field of radiology to overcome
the staff shortage, which is unique in this form in the market.
More info on this groundbreaking cooperation can be found here, among other places:
Many thanks to Dr. Ehssan Ghadamgahi, MD, MBA and Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Maurer for the great
cooperation and the joint path we will take from now on to ensure long-term security of supply for
radiological institutes/departments in Germany.